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Rewilding Britain Webinar

Rewilding on a Smaller Scale

By Rich on December 10, 2023

We were lucky enough to be asked by Sara King at Rewilding Britain to present a webinar about our rewiliding story.

'Rewilding on a Smaller Scale: 54 Acres at Found Outdoors' covers everything from our motivations and what lead us here, through to buying the land in the pandemic of 2020, and what we've achieved. It's been a roller coaster three years, especially considering we never set out to run a rewilding project!

There's a Q&A at the end which covers a lot of common questions. If there's anything else you'd like us to expand on please feel free to ask anything in the comments below or message us directly.

RESOURCES: download our slides in PDF format

Watch the webinar here:

Published on December 10, 2023

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